Monday, March 15, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2010 2011

I was recently asked the questions, "who is your favorite designer?" in an interview. Not sure the answer to that questions, I replied with my favorite artist Ryan McGinley(photographer). Shortly after returning home from the interview I did some research. I came to the conclusion that if I could have any collection in my closet and love every piece, it would be the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2010/2011 line. With the color palette being very subdued, subtle, and armyesc. I love the fact that the outfits are ready to wear straight off the runway. I can now saw that my favorite fashion designer is Marc Jacobs.

I like romantic allusions to the past: what the babysitter wore, what the art teacher wore, what I wore during my experimental days in fashion when I was going to the Mudd Club and wanted to be a New Wave kid or a punk kid but was really a poseur. It's the awkwardness of posing and feeling like I was in, but I never was in. Awkwardness gives me great comfort." -Marc Jacobs in New York Magazine

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